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About us

Who we are & how we do it :) !

Hi and welcome to our page about us. Zumba Fitness North East was started by Irene in 2009. Irene is a trained Drama teacher with a Masters degree in Psychology and whils she loves her day job as a teacher of teenagers with behavioural difficulties, dancing has always been a great passion. So when she heard about Zumba with its mix of Latin and world rythyms she knew she had to be involved with it. Irene brings her love of teaching, dancing and bringing out the best in others to her classes. A mother of three grown up children and a grandaughter Irene is proof that people of any age can benefit from and enjoy Zumba. Her motto is come along and have a wiggle and a giggle.

Catherine is Irene`s daughter and a welcome new edition to Zumba Fitness North East. She has recently completed a law degree but found that her love of dancing and fitness was the career she wanted to persue and so has joined the family firm! Catherine’s enthusiasm and youth brings an added energy to our Zumba classes with some of her routines, like Sexy and I Know It, becoming firm class favourites. Catherine`s particular interest is Burlesque fitness and likes nothing better than seeing a class full of women strutting their stuff with a feather Boa. Her favourite phrase is WORK IT.

Our mother and daughter team goes to prove that dance is for every age and crosses the age barriers. We often have Grandma, mother and daughter attending our classes.  WE  LOVE  THAT.

Come along and be part of our extended dancing family.